Twenty-one citizens signed the Charter in April of 1985. The purpose of the society is to bring together those persons interested in the preservation of the history of the Town of Mint Hill. You can help support the mission of the Mint Hill Historical Society by becoming a member and a volunteer today!

Mint Hill Historical Society Officers

Executive Director
– Becky Griffin

– Stanley E. Davis

Co Vice Presidents
– Bob Rowland

– Shirley West and Margaret Hood Barach

– Judy McWhirter

Mint Hill Historical Society 
Board Of Trustees

Margaret Hood Barach
Jim Black, Sr.
Reverend Stan Davis
Tom Flowe
Becky Griffin
June Hood
Billy Kiser
George McDonald
Judy McWhirter
John Nix
Dr. Gary Ritter
Tina Ross
Bob Rowland
Lewis West
Shirley West
Tony Griffin
Charlie Burdick
Dale Dalton
Mickey Ellington 
Scott Fandel